Friday, May 4, 2007

Kentucky Pachyderm 2 Mocks Anne

Anne Northup began her campaign on a "Fletcher can't win in the fall" theme. When she saw that gained her no traction, she trotted out a few issues. When she saw that also gained her no traction, she's reverted to "Fletcher can't win in the fall." Sorry, Mrs. Northup, but the Republican voters see right through you. They are rejecting your divisive campaign. The polls, whether they are the Fletcher internal poll showing him ahead by 22 points, or the Survey USA poll showing him up by 12, are reflective of that. Fletcher is pulling away and you are slipping.

Your desperation is showing, be it your latest ad or your ill-advised exchange with Robert Stivers, or the comments that at least two sources have reported that you made at the Kentucky Right to Life dinner. Your service to this state and to the Republican Party is honored by most within the GOP, but you are tarnishing and trashing your legacy by your ill-advised candidacy.

You'll earn the respect of all Republicans, even the most ardent Fletcher supporters, if you will stick to the issues and get off your "Fletcher can't win" mantra. The fact is that he CAN win this fall against any of the seven Democrat candidates.

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