Friday, May 4, 2007

Northup Supporters Typing Desperation

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Please understand that Billy Harper lost votes in that latest poll. Billy Harper is not going to win, no matter what his consultants are telling him is possible and no matter what they are telling you is possible. He is not going to come from behind as voters fall out from both sides in the last three weeks.

Please consider supporting Anne Northup instead of Billy Harper in the primary, because in this election a vote for Billy Harper is in fact a vote for Ernie Fletcher. Right now, a vote for Billy Harper is counterproductive to the mission that you are trying to accomplish. Anne Northup & Jeff Hoover will make the changes that you want to see. They have the drive, willingness, and desire to do what it takes to change Kentucky for the better. Give them a chance to do it. Voting for Billy Harper makes it easier for Ernie Fletcher to beat Anne Northup & Jeff Hoover. Please consider changing your vote to Northup/Hoover.

Please understand, Anne Northup is losing in the latest poll. Anne Northup has no agenda and one three word talking point. No matter what her consultants are spinning. No matter what her bloggers believe. She cannot win in November. Why? “Fletcher can’t win” is not a strategy.

Prior to supporting Northup, please consider puking. A vote for Northup is a voter for disaster. Northup as our nominee is counterproductive. She will not win. She does not have the message, the support, or the ability to garner victory. Voting for Northup makes it easier for Democrats in November. Please consider sanity. Do not vote Northup\Hoover.

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