Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Conservative Edge, Bashing Anne Since Before She Thought About Running

Jonathan Gay, blogging as the Cyber Hill Billy has been doing a great job of promoting Anne Northup to Republicans living in Appalachia. And, to her credit Northup has been focusing on that part of the state in her first weeks of campaigning. But, Appalachiha may want to know the whole story on Ms. Northup, the Louisville bridges and the state transporation budget.

According to sources familiar with the situation, Ms. Northup became visibly upset with transportation officials, when the Fletcher Administration refused to give in to her's and other Louisville Republican's demands that the state fund the two Louisville bridge projects.

The projected costs of the project would have stripped the rest of the state of needed transportation funds for as long as twenty years. Thus, areas of the state that are in need of infrastructure upgrades, like Appalachia, would have gone wanting for a long time. Some speculate that the Northup candidacy is fueled in part by the desire of Lousiville Republicans to get their bridges. Fletcher Administration officials were told repeatedly that Louisville did not get it's "fair share" of tax revenue.

We have seen similair comments from Louisville based members of Kentucky's new conservative media. Considering that the Fletcher Administration tries to spread the transportation money evenly around the state, Appalachian Republicans may want to consider carefully, who they choose as their candidate for Governor. In fact, all of Appalachia will want to vote for their next Governor wisely.

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