Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Governor, We’ve Had Enough

From Blue Grass, Red State:

After Fletcher's botched pick of Hunter Bates as running mate (maybe the best thing that ever happened to Bates, in retrospect), 2003 R primary opponent Rebecca Jackson was asked by Al Cross of The Courier-Journal what she thought of the lawsuit filed by Curtis Shain and Bob Heleringer to remove Bates from Fletcher's ticket.

"I'm not making a legal issue of it," she said. "Let's get over it and let's discuss the issues," such as her proposal yesterday to give tax credits to National Guard and military reserve troops called into action for more than 90 days.

That's a pretty good idea. I guess that's why Fletcher held it in his pocket for a while to propose something like it when he really needs it, like today, for example. Jackson also said in April of 2003 that she would "require executive-branch employees to be educated about the ethics code and sign a pledge to observe it, so she could take immediate action against violators without waiting for the ethics commission to act (Cross)." Yeah, that would have been nice, too, but now, thanks to Fletcher, Republicans look like the bad unethical people.

We have to turn this thing back around. The RPK has been seriously derailed by Fletcher's political incompetence. If Fletcher were all we had, I would be behind him 100%, trying to justify, stay positive, talk about accomplishments, etc. As is, though, there is an alternative. Things can be better for Kentucky next year. All we have to do is hold our leaders accountable.

This is correct. There is an alternative. Fletcher walked himself into this position. Now, we have to boot him out of office.

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Anonymous said...

Hunter Bates was a botch all right- a McConnell botch job.
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