Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Loser’s Poker

Hello, State Officials… This is integrity. Please shut up!

This Herald-Leader article is ridiculous. Fletcher and Northup should sponsor the runoff repeal. Neither can garner 40% in the primary and they are scared. Both would struggle in a runoff and they are terrified.

As I stated previously, these purported frontrunners need to simply play the laws as they are and shut up! From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Secretary of State Trey Grayson expressed concern today about the cost of a primary runoff election if one is needed in this year’s race for governor.

Grayson, the state’s top election officer, said a primary runoff would cost about $5 million -- $2 million from the state and $3 million from local governments.

“At the state level, we made it a necessary government expense so the state will find the money to do it,” Grayson said. “My concern is the counties. It’s late in the fiscal year for them. It will be a real big burden.”

Under state law, the top vote-getters in the May 22 Democratic and Republican primary elections for governor must get at least 40 percent of the votes to win their party’s nomination to run in the November general election.

If no one in a primary reaches that threshold, the state must hold a runoff election a month later between the top tow finishers in the primary.

Political observers say a runoff would be advantageous for independently wealthy candidates who could open up their pocketbooks to finance their campaigns.

Grayson said he does not like the current law but does not think it should be repealed now. “I don’t like changing the rules in mid-stream,” he said.

Grayson noted that House Speaker Jody Richards, a Bowling Green Democrat running for governor, has said a bill might get out of the House this year to do away with the primary runoff. Senate President David Williams has said he favors repeal of the law and Gov. Ernie Fletcher has said he would sign a bill that removes the runoff provision.

“I suspect it will become a bargaining chip in the final days of the General Assembly’s session,” Grayson said. “My prediction is that it still probably won’t be repealed because it is such a political issue.”

Lawmakers return to the Capitol next week for this year’s legislative session.

If the primary runoff does get repealed, Grayson said, it will be because of its cost. “It’s just a lot of money,” he said.

Grayson added that he plans to meet soon with the state Board of Elections and county clerks to plan for a possible runoff.


jefferson poole said...

your latest townhall thing is just a CE quote. i was excited to read about your analysis of CE-Anne-bashing since she even thought about running.

Anonymous said...

For there to be a Republican runoff Billy will have to pull at least 20 per cent. I support Ernie but I still think Harper is a good man but I highly doubt he'll get to 20 per cent.I agree the rules shouldn't be changed mid stream.
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