Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anne: Stop Campaigning, Become A Candidate

Who is Steve Pence? Traitor, deserter, defector, or as perfectly coined within camp Fletcher… the Brutus of Kentucky politics. Frankfort politicians incorrectly chose Pence in 2003 and today, Pence chose incorrectly.

Fletcher should not be re-elected. However, Anne Northup should not be elected. She has no agenda and one three-word talking point. “Fletcher can’t win.”

Additionally, anyone noting Northup’s false courage? Raggedy Anne is brave before a camera. However, she will not attend forums. She will not face her opponents.

Obviously, Northup is phony tough and the counterfeit courageous.

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

In his endorsement of Anne Northup in the Republican primary for governor, Lt. Gov. Steve Pence criticized Gov. Ernie Fletcher for violating the very campaign theme he rode into office. Pence, speaking at a news conference in Frankfort in which he formally threw his support behind the former GOP congresswoman, said the Republican Party "must have a candidate who can get beyond the scandals of this administration."

"For others the issue is not whether the governor can be re-elected, but rather whether he should be re-elected," Pence said.

He then listed a litany of things that he said the 2003 version of Fletcher might have railed against while criticizing the "good-ol'- boy" culture of Frankfort. "In 2003, what would our party's candidate for governor have said about a governor that had been indicted -- taken the Fifth Amendment -- and issued blanket pardons to his staff?" Pence asked. "In 2003 what would our party's candidate for governor have said about an administration that endeavored to punish those who dared to disagree with them?"

Fletcher campaign manager Marty Ryall issued a statement about Pence's endorsement of Northup. It said: ""Anne Northup has been on a negative rampage against Gov. Fletcher since entering this race. She has no ideas or agenda other than to tear down our first Republican governor in 32 years.

"It is no surprise that the 'Brutus' of Kentucky politics has joined her negative campaign. She should hope there are no rough waters ahead, because Steve Pence will be the first one to jump ship."

Sam Edelen, a spokesman for the Republican gubernatorial campaign of Paducah businessman Billy Harper, said in a statement: "This doesn't affect our campaign. We're going to continue talking about issues important to Kentuckians, such as education and economic development, rather than endorsements from politicians."

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