Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blogs Pensive Concerning Endorsement

Who is Steve Pence? His endorsement is not an earthquake. The blogs are barely registering the “news” as a faint breeze.

From Bill’s Political Blog:

Who does all of this help? Maybe Billy Harper? The Paducah businessman stayed out of the friction today continuing his strategy of hoping Fletcher and Northup will fight and ultimately self destruct. Harper has been out on his bus touring the state and once in a while shows up with his race car which he’s been known to drive at speeds of up to 230 miles an hour.

It’s a big endorsement for Northup and it was a clear opportunity for Fletcher’s folks to prove they can strike back hard. It’s really interesting on the GOP side of things right now.

From Blue Grass, Red State:

The few people who do still support this man are either not paying attention, blind loyalists, or state employees who care more about their own jobs than what's best for the party or the state. It makes me sick at these Lincoln Day Dinners the way state employees who support Northup often wear the Fletcher stickers anyway or wear no sticker at all because they're scared somebody's going to tattle on them and they're going to get fired. So much for free political speech in the Fletcher administration. That's intimidated away. That's my take. Here are others.

So the Fletcher campaign is going on a negative rampage against Steve Pence's integrity!? Unbelievable. Update: According to Pence, the Fletcher administration "endeavored to punish those who dared to disagree with them." According to the legal skills and logic of Jessamine County Attorney Brian Goettl that was applied to me the other day, this is not true and therefore makes Pence eligible to be sued by Fletcher for defamation or some such thing. Take it back, Pence! Endorse The Supreme Executive!

From OSI Speaks:

Both sides are likely going to play the announcement to their advantage (the Northup camp making it to be the neck breaker, while the Gov.'s camp will pretend it means nothing), but here is my take on it: The announcement means something and can be significant -- though it would have been much more significant had it been from someone who hadn't been so publicly anti-Fletcher -- like Sen. Mitch McConnell or any of the other Congressional delegates. But it is still a BIG announcement, in the sense that it is not often that one has one's Lt. Governor OPENLY endorsing, and campaigning for, the other guy (or in this case, gal) -- and maybe even appearing in the other guy's (or gal's) commercials, as I suppose Steve Pence will do. And certainly not one that will say the things that Steve Pence can say, and has apparently started to say!

From Northern Kentucky Politics:

Not totally surprising that Lt. Gov. Steve Pence is backing Anne Northup over Gov. Ernie Fletcher in the GOP gubernatorial primary. Pence was, after all, considering running against Fletcher. But still not good news for the governor.

From On the Right:

Fletcher spokesman Marty Ryal is starting to sound a lot like Brett Hall or whatever that Yankee's name was!

From Kentucky Pachyderm 2:

However, we will properly harpoon him on the issue on his loyalty, which has proven to be nonexistent. If Mr. Pence has any shred of decency or honor left, he will tender his resignation as lieutenant governor immediately. If a non-merit employee such as a Cabinet Secretary had made this endorsement, he or she would be asked to resign on the spot or else they would be fired.

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