Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conservative Edge Bashes Northup, Begs Civility

Now this is hutzpah

The Herald-Leader quoted Anne Northup as saying that she regrets that people who will be endorsing her, will be in "the crosshairs" during this GOP primary. Considering that Northup organized, rallied and has been cheering on the Republican circular firing squad, regret is not nearly enough.

Northup should be apologizing to all Republicans. Billy Harper set the example of how to take on Governor Fletcher and his problems with class. Northup's campaign has been a case study in how to tear down a party.

Conservative Edge On the Edge

We broke the news last week that the "big endorsement" today would be Steve Pence. But this comes as no surprise to us - and shouldn't to anyone else. Steve broke away from the Governor very publicly during the merit hiring scandal. He distanced himself because he decided for one reason or another during that crisis that he didn't want to be on Fletcher's team. When rumors began circulating a couple of weeks ago that Northup would be announcing another "Big Endoresment" we knew who that would be.

There were only a finite number of "big endorsements" left and by process of elimination and political posturing the big foam finger pointed directly to Mr. Pence. A reliable source called and confirmed that suspicion - we were right. One other note: As the teams solidify in this coming primary the nation is watching. Brit Hume of FOX News was in Frankfort this morning to cover this primary.

Let's all keep in mind that even the losers of this race (and those of us in the media who are commenting and reporting on the race) are now representing the Commonwealth to a much broader audience. This fight may get bitter, but let's all remember to fight hard on the issues and not get personal. Kentucky is a great state and has a bright future. I am praying for a vigerous debate - and a powerful unity in May.

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