Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kenton GOP Frowns At Fletcher

From Pol Watchers:

A growing debate point for local party organizations -- both Democratic and Republican -- is the issue of whether or not to publicly back a candidate for governor during the primary.

After more than an hour and a half debate Monday night, the Kenton County Republican Party decided to stay mute during the spring's intra-party battle for the nomination. One of the county's GOP executive committee members offered a resolution to formally endorse Gov. Ernie Fletcher over fellow Republican contenders Anne Northup and Billy Harper, said Greg Shumate, chairman of that committee.

From Northern Kentucky Politics:

Word is floating among political circles that the Kenton County Republican Executive Committee held a vote Monday night to endorse Gov. Ernie Fletcher in the GOP gubernatorial primary - he faces former Louisville Congresswoman Anne Northup and Paducah buinessman Billy Harper - and that the governor lost 2-1. But two people at the meeting, including Chairman Greg Shumate, told me the vote was against the notion of endorsing incumbents and not a vote against Fletcher.

Against incumbents and not Fletcher? Hand him a campaign position.

Fletcher is vulnerable. This was my opinion. This vote confirms as much.


Anonymous said...

Most of the committee are Fletcher suporters but did not want to set a precedent of endorsing one candidate over another. Too bad our Senator Bunning did not feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Trust this Republican from Kenton County... we've had a lot of bad Republican incumbents recently. Some have been voted out, some have moved on to other offices, and there's stilla few sticking around. The debate over Fletcher aside, the policy of backing every Republican incumbent is flawed.
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