Wednesday, February 14, 2007


From Conservative Edge:

Is Northup only state Republican leader who doesn't read the CE?

We are certain that Governor Fletcher and his team read the Conservative Edge. So too, does Harper campaign manager Stan Pulliam (If not Harper himself). House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover reads the site, as does Senate President David Williams. (His staff contacted us about pulling a reference we made to Williams). Add to that list, future stars like Trey Greyson, as well as stalwarts like Supreme Court Justice Lambert, and CE readers are a veritable who's who of Kentucky Republican state leaders.

But, apparently Anne Northup hasn't gotten the word. Had she, she might have read our analysis of Larry Dale Keelings' "vision of sugar plums" story, and avoided her embarasing use of Keeling's fantasy to attack a fellow Republican. Northup can't be considered a leader, when she is unaware of how her own state's information network has changed.

Northup/Hoover will have to do better.

Memo to Northup: using political enemies for campaign ammunition is a bad policy

I am still struggling with the enormity of the Northup's gaffe in relying on uber-liberal, and leading Fletcher hater, Larry Dale Keeling for campaign ammunition. More than any other organization in central Kentucky, conservatives cannot stand the Herald-Leader and it's editors. I have yet to talk to a central Kentucky conservative who has anything good to say about the paper. Even McConnell supporters were steamed at the paper for paying a reporter $35,000 to investigate McConnell.

Yet, Northup has turned to Keeling for campaign ammunition against Governor Fletcher. We've been trying to surmise Northup's policy positions ever since she entered the race. We have to surmise, because she has failed to provide anything of substance. Her apparent policy of using liberals to attack Governor Fletcher, is bad.

Northup/Hoover will have to do better.

CE calls on Hoover to renounce Northup's e-mail

The Conservative Edge has a lot of respect for House Minority Leader, and current Northup running mate, Jeff Hoover. Hoover has spent countless hours helping other conservatives and Republicans in local and regional Kentucky races. But that respect may be on the line, if he does not renounce Anne Northup for her grossly innappropriate e-mail where she joined with uber-liberal, and leader of the "We hate Governor Fletcher" cabal, Larry Dale Keeling.

Not only was it unseemly for Northup to use the words of someone who uses his power as editor of a newspaper unfairly, to advance a liberal political agenda, it was fool hardy Keeling's intellect is held in low esteem in conservative circles. Quite frankly, we've seen better arguments made by freshman high school debate teams.

And Northup relied on it for criticism. Hoover spent the weekend assuring conservatives that his running mate would have policy positions in the near future. Instead, Northup chose to use her time to attack Governor Fletcher, and side with the very factions that will attempt to destroy her and Hoover, if she were to win the primary. Those assurances now sound empty. It may be time for Hoover to abandon ship. It's certainly time for him to renounce his boss. Not only did Northup break Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment. She danced on it's shattered pieces.

Hoover will have to do better.

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