Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Send E-mail, E-mail, E-mail

Northup\Fletcher campaigns devour one another.

From Pol Watchers:

In the latest sign of growing contention in the GOP primary for governor, former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup and Gov. Ernie Fletcher engaged in a little cyber saber rattling today. And the unlikely person in the center of all of it was Herald-Leader columnist Larry Dale Keeling.

From OSI Speaks:

Larry Dale Keeling, a Columnist with the Lexington Herald Leader, has set off a firestorm of sorts between Northup and Fletcher. Over the weekend, LDH published his take suggesting that Dan Druen's anticipated testimony during the impending trial of Sam Beverage for merit system will spell doom for the Gov.'s re-election efforts, prompting the Northup/Hoover campaign to send out this campaign email:

From On the Right:

Over the weekend, the Lexington Herald Leader ran a story outlining the problems confronting the Fletcher Administration. Governor Fletcher seems to be facing yet another crisis flash-point. Special prosecutor Larry Cleveland says he will bring a former Transportation Cabinet official to trial on perjury charges stemming from the Fletcher abuses of the state merit system.

From Northern Kentucky Politics:

Earlier I blogged an email from the Northup-Hoover campaign that used fodder from a Lexington Herald-Leader article to criticize Gov. Ernie Fletcher. Anne Northup is, of course, running against Fletcher in the GOP gubernatorial primary. Now, the Fletcher campaign has responded with its own email message to supporters. Welcome to campaigns in the 21st century - candidates trade shots via email.

From Northern Kentucky Politics:

The Northup-Hoover GOP gubernatorial campaign e-mailed this campaign alert to those who signed up to receive the alerts off the campaign's Web page.

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