Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Agreeing to Disagree

From On the Right:

"This investigation was not about a few people here and there who made some mistakes, as Gov. Ernie Fletcher has claimed. The Governor's Personnel Initiative was formulated at the highest level of state government and approved by Gov. Fletcher. Entire cabinets and departments were tasked with carrying out various parts of this illegal plan. Senior administration officials were charged with the duty to give periodic reports regarding its status. Those who got in the way of the plan were fired or moved. The long-range goal was to implement this plan in all of the Executive Cabinets, and the groundwork had been laid for that to happen."

Grand Jury Report into the Merit Hiring Investigation Comment: In the Agreed Order dismissing the charges,with prejudice, the parties(the Governor and AG)recognized that " the Attorney General's investigation and prosecution of this matter were necessary and proper exercises of his constitutional duty" and that the "investigation and prosecution have benefited the Commonwealth and ensured that abuses of the state's merit system will be eliminated." In the August 24,2006 Agreed Order, Ernie Fletcher acknowledged "that the evidence strongly indicates wrongdoing by the administration with regard to personnel actions within the merit system."

I guess the Governor was bullied into signing the Agreed order! The real victims are the people of the Commonwealth who were told that Fletcher was going to clean up the corruption and mess in Frankfort. It is time for a change!

I concur. We are all Fletcher’s victims. Additionally, change is required.

However, RINO Anne is not a solution. She is a problem expansion.

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