Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When You’re In A Hole…

From KY Kurmudgeon:

A reader who contributed to Gov. Ernie Fletcher's 2003 campaign sent me the originals of a couple of letters he recently received that sought contributions to Fletcher's re-election campaign.

In the first, dated Jan. 24 and "Paid for and authorized by Friends of Governor Fletcher," the governor made the following claims:

"We added more than 104,000 new jobs and put 113 million additional dollars in the Budget Reserve 'Rainy Day' Fund. ...

"We turned a projected billion-dollar deficit into a more than $650 million surplus without raising taxes."

In the second, dated Feb. 14 and bearing the letterhead "Fletcher&Rudolph Kentucky Wins," Fletcher wrote:

"The truth is, thanks to sound fiscal policies, we've added more than 125,000 new jobs, raised the amount in the "Rainy Day" Fund from $5.1 million to $231.5 million, and turned a projected billion-dollar deficit into a more than $778 million surplus without raising taxes."

So, in a short three weeks, the time between the first and second letter, the number of jobs created during his term in office grew by 21,000, and amount added to the "Rainy Day" Fund doubled from $113 million to $226 million, and the supposed "surplus" (which doesn't really exist since the budget remains structurally unbalanced) increased by $128 million.

On the day Lt. Gov. Steve Pence endorsed her challenge of Fletcher in the Republican primary, former U.S. Rep. Anne Northup said, "(The Fletcher) administration has a problem with the truth."

Gee, you think?

Anne Northup supporters ignore the pork barrel spending. They ignore the double speak. They ignore the KY Club For Growth realities. They ignore the liberal voting record. Who has a problem with a truth?

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