Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conservative Edge Compliments Harper

Harper Campaign on Technology Edge
Billy Harper may be a long shot in this race - but he's not running like it. His campaign has taken a few rough steps, but overall has proven to be the most innovative of any of the candidates - Republican or Democrat. If you visit Billy Harper's website, you can click on the issues button.

When the page comes up there is a search bar. Type in a word related to an issue that is important to you and see what comes up. You'll see Billy Harper talking directly to you through a video camera and answering your question about where he stands on the issues. This kind of interactivity and use of new media is what may just give a man with a very clear message a shot.

Earlier I did a story on the Billy Harper campaign's use of new media to reach voters. Someone commented on the story that, "That's what 2 million dollars will buy you - a Flashy Website and 12% of the vote" insinuating that Harper can do this kind of thing because he is "loaded", but that doesn't make him a serious candidate.

True - he is loaded, because he's been a successful businessman - but consider this: The Harper campaign sent me the numbers on their website and they have only spent around 15K. But what the reader and anyone else who would take the same approach to this story is failing to consider is that Harper is doing this with his OWN money - not special interest donors. Would the reader be suggesting that Ann Northup and Ernie Fletcher and all of the Democratic candidates are planning to spend less than Harper?

Would the reader be suggesting that the "professional politicians" are at a disadvantage to this wealthy Kentuckian? In this day and age, it’s actually rare and refreshing that someone like Billy Harper could do what he is doing despite the well heeled political machines behind all of the other candidates. Keep it up Mr. Harper, and you could soon see your 12% growing!

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