Monday, March 19, 2007

Assessing Fletcher’s Ad

Kentucky Kurmudgeon:

Haven't seen Gov. Ernie Fletcher's first campaign ad yet. But from Herald-Leader Political Writer Ryan Alessi's description of it as featuring a schoolboy who resembles Fletcher ignoring the taunting of schoolyard bullies, I can't help but wonder if it doesn't reinforce his image as Boy Governor. Or at least the Little Orphan Ernie nickname he got tagged with when Daddy Warbucks (U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell) deserted him.

On the Right:

I think we need real men as leaders who stand up to bullies! Ernie looks like a pathetic wimp in this ad. Please keep playing it.

Conservative Edge:

One of the truly amazing aspects of the Northup campaign is the level of vitriol that she and her followers throw at Governor Ernie Fletcher. It's hard to imagine a liberal "Ned Lamont" candidacy being any more extreme in their treatment of Fletcher.

Today, Steve Manning, who appears to be the Northup campaigns chief internet outlet, called Fletcher a "pathetic wimp". Next thing you'll know, the Northup people will claim they are running a positive campaign.

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