Monday, March 19, 2007

Conservative Edge Rips Northup Reaction

When Governor Fletcher rolled out his first campaign commercial today, the Northup team jumped into action and offered a pitiful " response to the ad. Normally, a well funded campaign would respond to an ad, by running one of their own.

Instead, Team Northup tried to convince Kentuckians that the economy really isn't good, and the Governor Fletcher spent 3/4 of a surplus while simultanesouly maintaining that no surplus existed. Now, Louisvillian John David Dyche, a columnist for the left wing Courier-Journal and apparent Northup ally, begged Billy Harper to get out of the three-way race. Something that is unlikely to happen. Eye witnesses have reported lack luster support for Northup outside of Louisville. In addition, sources tell us that Northup is not doing well on the fundraising trail.

Add to that, Northup's actions at joint Lincoln Day appearances that are becoming the source of derision in many GOP circles, and things don't look like they are going well for Northup. Finally, Northup has failed to fire on campaign policy issues. (This despite the fact that her running mate, Jeff Hoover, personally assured me four weeks ago that they would have policy positions coming out in short order). Yes, Northup is for better education. But aren't we all?

One of the original KERA supporters will have to do better than an "educationally challenged" policy paper, to get that albatross off her their neck. But when you get right down to it, when you have to beg an opponent to quit the race, things are not going well. But, I am sure that Team Northup can find some lame statistic somewhere to prove that the economy really is bad in Kentucky, and that there really is no surplus.

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