Monday, March 19, 2007

Voicing You’re Delusional

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Northup for governor Republicans across the commonwealth will have an opportunity to vote in a primary election for governor in just more than two months. There clearly is only one candidate in the race who would be viable in November and preserve our hold on the governor’s seat — former U.S. Congresswoman Anne Northup, R-Louisville. Northup has proven to be a leader and stateswoman of the highest integrity over the course of two decades in public service.

Northup never has strayed from her conservative principles of lower taxes, better education, commitment to pro-life policies and — most importantly in this race — honesty and ethics in government. Anne Northup would be a governor who appreciates the hard work of every state employee, regardless of party affiliation. Anne Northup would be a governor who does not abuse her power to pardon to protect those who do wrong in her administration.

Anne Northup would be a governor who would make Kentucky proud — not one who finds herself indicted on misdemeanor charges. There is an obvious choice in this year’s Republican primary for governor. I urge all of my Republican friends to join me in voting for Anne Northup to preserve the future of our party and our great commonwealth.

Christopher Thomason

Whatever Christopher has been drinking, I request a triple.

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