Saturday, April 14, 2007

Anne the Pointless Pugilist

From Cyber Hillbilly:

The real campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination begins today, with all three Republican candidates up on the air. Anne Northup’s introductory ad casts her in terms likely to resonate with Kentucky Republican voters: a fighter, a successful public servant, and a dedicated family woman. It’s short and to the point.

The bottom line is that Anne Northup is the only Republican candidate who can win in November. With the current Governor embroiled in scandal, at barely over 30% approval ratings, and facing polls that show a full 60% of Republican voters prefer another candidate, it’s time Republicans turn to the candidate best suited to lead them to victory in November and, most importantly, beyond.

Anne is a fighter? She is best suited to lead? She will win? Three words cannot have this impact. (Everyone now, Fletcher can’t win, Fletcher can’t win, Fletcher can’t win, Fletcher can’t win, Fletcher can’t win…)

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