Saturday, April 14, 2007

Conservative Edge Compliments Harper

Harper campaign coming into it's own

Having watched the Billy Harper for Governor campaign for several months, it is becoming apparent that the campaign is coming into it's own. There were some stumbles in the beginning, but lately he's been to good to ignore. Take for example his message. It's positive, and casts a reason for wanting to be Governor and a vision for the future.

Billy Harper wants to be Governor to better the lives of Kentuckians through improving education and bringing good jobs to the state. Harper contends that he is qualified to do this becasue of his expereince as a succesful businessman. Harper is also ringing the "outsiders" bell. By positioning himself as the "un politician", Harper is going after a percentage of the electorate that is tired of politics as usual.

The only downside to this approach, is that it is a better message for a general election than a primary. Most primary voters are probably not "sick and tired" of the same old thing. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Harper's decision not to trash Governor Fletcher is also paying dividends. His debate performance drew praise from several quarters. It's certain that Billy Harper will have to be reckoned with by the two front runners. The question will be how they will do it, while keeping their own message on track.

Billy Harper ascendant?

Sources close to the Billy Harper campaign are telling me that the Harper campaign is feeling good these days. According to the source, Harper's up beat performance in Monday night's debate, coupled with Northup's lackluster performance and tired appearance means there is room for the Harper campaign to take over the second spot in the GOP primary. With 16% in the most recent poll, to Northup's 31%, it would be a tall order for Harper to catch Northup, but momentum may be on Harper's side.

He gained three points in 4 weeks, while Northup remained stagnant. In addition, Northup lost a similar lead to John Yarmuth last fall. If Harper can move in to second place, and Northup's constant attacks on Fletcher bring him below 40%, Harper could wind up in a runoff with the Governor. At that point anything could happen. Which begs the question: Is Harper ascendant?

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