Saturday, April 14, 2007

Better To Remain Silent…

Obviously, Amber Jordan has never voted.

From The News-Enterprise:

This year will be the first time I have been old enough to cast a ballot in a gubernatorial primary. When I began to examine the Republican candidates for governor to determine the recipient of my vote, the choice was crystal clear. Former Congresswoman Anne Northup of Louisville — with her platform of honesty, integrity and openness in government — is by far the best candidate.

Northup has an aggressive agenda for Kentucky. She has taken a strong stand against the alternative minimum tax imposed on small businesses and championed by our current governor. She has a plan to bring jobs to Kentucky and lower the unemployment rate that has risen steadily under the current administration. She has a plan for health care that includes health savings accounts and ways for people to receive care without losing everything they own.

Finally, Anne Northup’s personal story is one that should inspire all. She comes from a large family of 11 children where hard work and sacrifice was the norm. Northup is the mother of six children, including two adopted children, whom she managed to raise while serving the community she loved as an elected official.

Anne Northup understands average Kentuckians and she embodies the deep conservative principles associated with family, faith and compassion for fellow citizens. Anne Northup is indeed a woman of vision and character and we need her more than ever as governor of our state. Fellow Republicans, please join me in voting Anne Northup for governor in the May 22 primary.

Amber Jordan

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