Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beware of False Leaders, Speaking In Fletcher Clothing

From On the Right:

Excerpt from John David Dyche's column in today's Courier Journal: Nothing has become Fletcher's governorship like the missionary zeal with which he is fighting to keep it. His campaign religiously preaches a distinctly messianic re-election message.

Fletcher's first ad portrayed him as a pure young soul facing persecution while walking through a playground equivalent of the valley of the shadow of death full of loud-mouthed little kids. In another bit of Baptist-flavored electoral evangelism, Fletcher's face emerges from a flame as the choir sings "This Little Light of Mine."

Forget a special legislative session. Fletcher's campaign feels more like vacation Bible school. In answer to Ernie's altar call, state contractors are apparently filling the Fletcher collection plate with offering checks. Where their treasures are, there will their ballots be also, or so he hopes. Comment: My favorite Fletcher religious gaffe was his statement to the Herald-Leader in its Monday profile in which he compared himself to Jesus Christ: "You can lead like Jesus and be successful."

But, he added, "there's a price to pay." Well after all, he did have disciples!

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