Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dizzy, You’re Making Me Dizzy With All Your Spinning

This tale is laughable. If believe this, you are ignoring the facts. Gubernatorial fear? Paranoia personified. Hoover will play a meaningful role? There will not be a Northup administration. Hoover dominated the debate competition? What tape was watched? Northup will work for Kentucky, not Kentucky’s politicians? Northup is only a politician. Her speech received thunderous cheers? Which supporter pressed play for the pre-recorded audio?

From Blue Grass, Red State:

An undercover political operative for the Fletcher administration can say whatever he wants about the Governor's race, but if you listen to him, you're not getting the facts. He can say, "Even Washington insider columnist Bob Novak (He of Valerie Plame fame.) has changed his outlook on the race from leaning for Anne Northup to leaning for Fletcher," if he wants. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that while doing previous political work for Fletcher, he considered Novak's opinion worthy of the trash bin.

On March 30th he said, "These same operatives tuned up conservative columnist Robert Novak, who reported recently that the race leans Northup. (Wonder who's behind that?)" On April 24, he likes his opinion. He can say Al Cross believes "Fletcher will win" if he wants, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Al Cross never said that. Cross only said that Fletcher "now leads," and spoke of "fear of what a governor can do to you."

He can conveniently leave out the part about Jeff Hoover (R-Jamestown), who will play a meaningful and substantive role in the Northup/Hoover administration, completely dominating the competition in the LG debate last night. He can say that "scores of Republican county officials and legislators" want their Governor reelected, but we know the Governor isn't supposed to work for politicians like how Ernie Fletcher is doing.

The Governor is supposed to work for the people, and that is exactly what Governor Anne Northup and Lieutenant Governor Jeff Hoover are going to do. They will work for Kentuckians, not Kentucky politicians. As Hopkinsville's Kentucky New Era reported, this past weekend Kentuckians were excited about the coming Northup/Hoover administration:

Though many people had already decided who to support for governor, some, such as E.G. Adams, were happy for the opportunity to hear from candidates for some of the lesser-known offices. "I didn’t know some of the gentlemen, and I thought they did a good job," he said, specifically mentioning Stan Lee, running for attorney general, and Ken Upchurch, running for state treasurer. "I’m committed to Anne already."

"Anne" is Anne Northup, candidate for governor, and many of those attending seemed to share Adams’s feelings. Hers was the only speech that ended with enthusiastic cheers instead of the polite applause received by most other candidates. "I’m supporting Anne because I’m tired of the things going on and I want some change," said Donna Thurman of Russellville.

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