Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Staggering, Stuttering, Selling Northup

From NKY Politics:

This was just posted on the Web site of GOP gubernatorial candidate Anne Northup.

If you read the morning paper in Louisville or Lexington, you saw the Ernie Fletcher spin machine working overtime. The AP and Courier-Journal ran stories about the new Yard Sign program the Northup-Hoover campaign has offered on its website. The Fletcher spin was that Northup-Hoover was offering Yard Signs for sale because we couldn’t afford to buy them and give them away for free. That claim is FALSE and FOOLISH.

We have an official Yard Sign program that is fully funded and will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks. This program was a way for people that live on dead end streets or in the far reaches of the state, that want a chance to show their support for Northup-Hoover, to get the signs NOW rather than wait for our general distribution.

This Fletcher spin is just more politics of destruction from a desperate campaign. Whether it is Ernie Fletcher saying Kentucky has a "booming economy" when we have the 5th worst unemployment rate in the nation or that he has "lowered health care costs" when millions of Kentuckians are paying higher health insurance premiums, Republicans are catching on that its just more of the same from his campaign.

If you would like to purchase your sign you can click here and get it NOW or you can click here and sign up for one of our free signs which will be distributed soon.

This explanation is false and foolish. Northup has an official yard sign program? If the aforesaid is true, why sell yard signs? This program benefits those on dead end streets or rural reaches? Why sell them signs? If they wish to showcase support, why not send them a free sign? How does taxing her most rural supporters aid Northup?

This program screams desperate campaign. Northup has no agenda. She has no policy. She is struggling with contributions. She has resorted to sign profiteering. This is pathetic. Northup, you are not a governor. You are not a leader. You are a politician. A terrible politician.

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