Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blue Grass, Red State Delusional For Northup

Emergency Meetings

Apparently there are some people at FletchCo who are wanting to jump ship. People are talking. It looks like they have a couple leakers who want to help the candidate who deserves the nomination.

Desperate Hypocritical Fletcher Edge

I was 100% dumbfounded yesterday when I discovered the Conservative Edge's crazy and desperate attempt to use liberal Courier-Journal and Jack Conway talking points from five years ago to try to smear Anne Northup's stellar ethical record.

Anne Northup & Jeff Hoover: Common Sense Conservatives

How pathetic. If you want a Governor who will later disclose that he took contributions to his legal defense fund in exchange for work contracts and government favoritism, vote for Ernie Fletcher. Otherwise, vote for Northup/Hoover or write in your own name. Ernie Fletcher is simply not an acceptable candidate for Republicans.

Unconservative Fletcher Edge Insinuates Wrongdoing in East Kentucky

Anne Northup and Hal Rogers Do The Right Thing, Fletcher Continues To Be An Unethical Embarrassing Disappointment. In their haste to head off Northup/Hoover's surge in the internal polls, Team Fletch raised a failed five year old campaign ploy initiated and carried out by the liberal C-J, Jack Conway, and the ACLU. What Team Fletch failed to realize is that Northup utilized the same upstanding conservative approach to charity work that Hal Rogers has successfully and rightfully used in East Kentucky.

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