Saturday, May 12, 2007

OSI Interprets

This is the last in the series of questions for the Governor candidates put forth by the Herald-Leader. This time, the issue is campaigning with state resources and how the candidates will stop it. (We thank the Herald-Leader and its staff, Ryan Alessi and John Stamper, for the very informative series). Here are the candidates responses -- in their own words:

Billy Harper: "Public officials need to draw a clear line in the sand when it comes to use of state resources. As governor, I will establish clearly defined guidelines for all non-merit personnel to follow from day one. It should never be simply a question of what’s legal. The state’s chief executive should always make decisions based on what is right." Billy will establish guidelines for his staff, to do what is right and not merely what is legal.

Ernie Fletcher: No response. (Update: This post has been updated with a response): "I have gone above and beyond what the law requires. I have reimbursed the state when political events coincide with official trips even though it is not required by law. ... I expect the legislature to examine this issue and will happily comply with whatever requirements they deem appropriate." Ernie says he has refunded the state for personal campaign expenses (though he initially refused to do so, after the Herald Leader took him to task on it) and expects the Legislature to examine the issue (and says also he will comply with any new laws).

Anne Northup: "It is astonishing that Ernie Fletcher, who ran on a promise to clean up Frankfort, has used your tax dollars to finance his campaign. Until he got caught, he had no problem using your money to further his own political career. The law must be clarified and strengthened to ensure that future governors cannot blur the bright line between official and campaign expenses." Anne wants to have the Legislature to strengthen the law so that tax dollars are not used to further [a future Governor's] political career."

So there they are, in their own words -- deciphered (This time I give the candidates credit for speaking more CLEARLY!)


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