Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fletcher Commences Campaign (Commences?)

From Pol Watchers:

With 11 days left until voters cast their ballots, Gov. Ernie Fletcher announced his campaign's first public event today. Fletcher will start a 6-day "Kentucky Wins" bus tour on Monday, according to a news release. He'll visit 31 counties in six days.

“When I became governor, we promised change. In just four years we charted a successful course that created new jobs, saved our families money and moved Kentucky in the right direction,” Fletcher said in the release. “I look forward to continuing to tell our story of results and opportunity for every citizen of the Commonwealth on the ‘Kentucky Wins!’ bus tour.”

He'll kick off the tour in Owensboro and will travel through Hartford, Leitchfield, Morgantown and Bowling Green on Monday. Fletcher has been criticized heavily by opponent Anne Northup for using state aircraft to travel the state handing out ceremonial checks and to attend private campaign events, such as fund-raisers.

Fletcher's campaign has also paid for automated telephone calls to drum up attendance at the governor's check presentations and other official events. Fletcher has attended several campaign events organized by others, such as Lincoln Day dinners and debates. After being questioned by the Herald-Leader, Fletcher agreed to repay the state more than $19,000 for his travel.

Possibly, I am naive. However, the campaign has two weeks remaining. Should not the Governor have commenced his campaign in January? (For the Governor’s information, prancing around Kentucky, disbursing random checks, is not campaigning)

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