Tuesday, May 15, 2007

His Words Worthless

Simply stated, I loathe On the Right’s fanatical Anne Northup support. However, his reprinting this was brilliant. Read the Governor’s statements, replay his four years, and abstain from voting for him.

Excerpts From Ernie Fletcher's Inaugural Speech:

....State government has too often been used to look out for the insiders and not the citizens. This has insulated poverty from progress, and need from remedy.

What could have been a broader, common, wealth has become a guarded treasure, traded among the well positioned.

Though we are so proud of being Kentuckians, we are, in our state, somewhat divided from one another. West, East and Central feel enjoined neither to each other, nor to the whole. Rural and urban nurse jealousy, and not entirely without reason, and it has been this way for so long that it has been accepted without even realizing the cost of these hurtful divisions.

I am surrounding myself with women and men of integrity, character and self-discipline to work on behalf of the people of Kentucky. That is how to create an ethical government.

We can pass page after page of ethics laws, but in the end, they will only be honored by ethical people.

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