Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The World’s Worst Retort

People challenge Anne Northup. Her blogger’s responses? They assail the messenger. The aforesaid is political smear tactics. The aforesaid is also pathetic. Attacking the statements and not their substance screams desperation. Obviously, Northup’s supporters are.

From Blue Grass, Red State:

Now that the actual Fletcher campaign is publicly resorting to lies and negativity instead of allowing henchmen to do the dirty work for them behind closed doors and in roundabout ways, we have a great chance to see firsthand again the incompetence that has plagued Ernie Fletcher during his entire term as Governor.

Did the Fletcher campaign think the Barr recording would only be heard by people listening to their answering machines? Did they think they could keep it all hush hush? Or, are they just so dumb that they didn't think to research the biography of the man they were using to attack Anne Northup?

Bob Barr is an anti-Christian anti-terror fighting pothead, and now he's speaking for Ernie Fletcher! As I said just last week, when Anne Northup represented KY-3 in Congress, one of the extraordinary things she did was wield her power to fight social ills using conservative methods in attempts to reach conservative goals. For this, she drew the hatred of liberal Democrats, the ACLU, and other assorted kooks. Now, Ernie Fletcher is using a friend of the ACLU who lobbies for the Marijuana Policy Project and withdrew from the Republican Party to speak on his behalf in phone messages attacking Anne Northup's stellar record.

From Cyber Hillbilly:

What is it about Anne Northup that makes kooks oppose her so fiercely? Over the past few months perhaps nothing has been more amusing than to watch a steady procession of nut jobs come out in opposition to the former Congresswoman in her bid for Governor. First there were the libertarians: as KY Progress reported, the Take Back Kentucky group endorsed Gatewood, and singled out Anne Northup for criticism. I guess we know what those guys were smoking.

Then Frankfort restaurateur Rick Paul got into the game on Friday, when he suggested in a blast email that the Congresswoman is set to and should drop out of the Governor's race in spite of confirmation by the weekend that she’s actually ahead in at least one poll. Paul is listed by the Kentucky Hemp Food Association as a 1999 supporter of the Hemp Food Banquet which “conducted a test for taste and the drug, THC.” He's also on record as a strong Gatewood supporter.

Now comes word that the Governor has allied with former Congressman Bob Barr to bring the message to the state that the former Congresswoman who fought so hard to get millions for her local churches, the devout Catholic who’s fought abortion tooth and nail her entire career, the same lady who believes deeply enough in the sanctity of life and God’s commandments that she not only had four children of her own, but actually adopted two more… that this lady wanted to take God out of our children’s schools. Yes, you heard me right.


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