Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pence Snipes, Northup, Fletcher Stage Irrelevant Argument

From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Republican candidate for governor Anne Northup launched a TV ad this afternoon narrated by Gov. Ernie Fletcher's former running mate, Lt. Gov. Steve Pence. In the ad, which first ran on the 5 p.m. newscast of WTVQ-36 in Lexington, Pence says Fletcher "failed" to follow through on his promises to "clean up Frankfort" and "do away with the good ol' boy system."

"Instead, Fletcher risks an even greater scandal with his secret legal defense fund," said Pence, a former U.S. attorney from Louisville. He goes on to accuse Fletcher of making "false charges" against Northup, referring to a Fletcher TV ad that accuses Northup of "voting against school prayer."

"Anne is a conservative who supports school prayer, and has the votes to prove it," Pence responds.

As a congresswoman, Northup did vote in 1998 against a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment that would have clarified a person's right to pray in school. Northup said she voted against the bill because it would have allowed teachers of any faith to lead classroom prayers. Northup also points to 21 votes in Congress that she says support school prayer. Most of the votes are for school appropriations bills that say none of the funds can be used to "prevent the implementation of programs of voluntary prayer and meditation in the public schools."

She also supported two non-binding resolutions that say school prayer contributes to the moral foundation of students and urges the Supreme Court to rule accordingly. The two campaigns traded barbs over the prayer issue for much of the day. “Anne Northup, regardless of all her rhetoric, voted against the school prayer amendment in 1998," said Marty Ryall, Fletcher's campaign manager, in a news release. "She also voted against the law to allow concealed carry in Kentucky, and even once told a Louisville reporter that she was not pro-gun."

Earlier, Northup's campaign released a statement questioning Fletcher's decision to use automated phone calls attacking Northup on the prayer issue that were narrated by former Republican congressman Bob Barr of Georgia. Barr, who co-sponsored the prayer resolution Northup voted against, has since left the Republican party, is a lobbyist for the Marijuana Project and is considered a "friend" by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Once again, Steve Pence attacks from his elected office. As previously stated, Pence is a politician of convenience. His actions are cheap and tactical. The truth is, Pence did not have concerns, does not have concerns, and never had concerns. If Pence were disturbed with Fletcher’s actions, he could have resigned. If he were a man of conscience, he would have done this. He would have marched into Fletcher’s office, chastised him, resigned, and publicly condemned the Governor. He sat silent. Pence is a wretched human being.

Additionally, education, healthcare, and spending are priorities. School prayer? When did school prayer become relevant? Fletcher ruins education, expands healthcare, Ford is suffering and school prayer is the battle? School prayer is a non-issue. This summarizes Northup vs. Fletcher. Kentucky is not their concern. Defeating their opponent… this is their lone concern.

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