Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jefferson Review Voting For Harper

The Kentucky primary races are coming right up, and, as a registered Republican, I have three choices: Fletcher, Northup, or Harper. Of the three, only Harper is promoting ideas that can make a real improvement in the state. In education, Harper is promoting school choice, which would provide real improved opportunities for our children without increasing the cost to taxpayers. He also promotes free market solutions to other problems rather than more government control over our lives, which again is the approach that repeatedly has been proven to work. He also has successfully run a business, which means he stands a decent chance of being able to run the state. (This can be contrasted with Northup, who has never been a chief executive of anything, and Fletcher, who also was never a chief executive of anything larger than a small medical practice before being elected governor.)

The other two candidates are not as promising. Northup has run a very negative campaign, mainly attacking Fletcher, offering no new ideas, and even refusing to answer a survey on the issues by The Courier-Journal. Fletcher’s performance as governor has been disappointing, and he has been taking advantage of his position as governor to use taxpayer money to buy support in this election. The polls have shown Harper to be in third place, but the situation can change rapidly, and votes are what really count.

I am tired of wasting my vote on people who give us the same old failed policies. I’d rather risk voting for someone who is likely to really make a positive change if he is elected. If Kentucky Republicans, who are very discouraged both with Fletcher and Northup, would take a moment to think about their options, they may reach the same conclusion I have reached. For the sake of our state, I sure hope they do.

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